Your Complete Pismo Beach Wedding Checklist

Planning the beach wedding of your dreams in Pismo Beach? Wedding planning can be daunting, but with enough planning and preparation, it doesn’t have to be. To get you started on your Pismo Beach wedding plans and to help make your wedding uniquely yours, we worked directly with local professionals to put together this checklist.


__ Explore galleries of ceremonies for inspiration, especially ones held at your desired venue.

__ Coordinate your vision with a wedding planner, who will likely be an intermediate between you and the venue.


__ Explore galleries of receptions to create a vision for what you’d like on the big day.

__ Work with your wedding planner for them to set up logistics and the fine details.

Rehearsal Dinner 

Practice makes perfect! Ensure your big day goes smoothly with a well-prepared rehearsal dinner.

__ Ask guests about any dietary restrictions.

__ Work with your event planner, entailing details to make sure everything goes as planned!

__ Work with the venue (likely through your event planner) to determine what you are responsible for (e.g. catering) and what they will provide in their wedding package.

Decorative lighting

When designing your wedding venue, lighting plays a big role in decoration. Indoor or outdoor? String lights, LED, or color wash? Working with an expert can help you decorate your venue the way you envision it.

__ Explore vendors.

__ Relay your venue vision to vendors before hiring them (possibly with your wedding planner as an intermediate) so the venue is decorated just the way you want it.

__ Work with your wedding coordinator to create a concept for your lighting and decor.

__ Explore vendors and communicate the look you’re going for to ensure it is within their offering.

Ask about:

__ What the vendor provides and what they don’t, e.g. for set up, take down, and electrical hookups.


__ Explore vendors.

__ Ask guests about dietary restrictions.

__ Coordinate quantities and logistics with vendor and wedding planner.


__ Explore DJs to match your wedding theme and personal tastes.

Each DJ will likely be different, so be sure to ask about:

__ Travel arrangements. If they need to travel, what does that entail?

__ Equipment. Will they bring everything they need, or are you responsible for any set up equipment?

Coordination and Event Design

__ Talk with different event coordinators to find the perfect one to bring your wedding dreams to life!


Champagne? Tequila? Both? Find the right bartending service for your wedding.

__ Explore vendors to match your wedding theme.

__ Coordinate with vendor and wedding planner for logistics.

Be sure to ask about:

__ Ensure the bartending vendor will bring everything they need, such as the alcohol, coolers, tables, etc.?

__ What are their alcohol options?

__ When do they need to know the types and quantities of alcohol you’d like to have?


Cake? Cupcakes? Delight your wedding guests with something sweet. With so many delicious bakeries here in Pismo Beach, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

__ Choose your vendor.

__ Ask guests about dietary restrictions.

__ Work with vendor or wedding planner for details (quantity, types of pastries, logistics).


Brighten the venue with stunning arrangements. Working with a professional vendor can prove to be incredibly valuable for bringing to life the venue you’re dreaming of.

Some floral considerations to keep in mind:

 __ Wedding arch floral arrangement

__ Bridal bouquet for the Bride

__ Boutonniere for the Groom

__ Bouquet for the Maid of Honor

__ Boutonniere for the Best Man

__ Floral arrangements for different parts of the wedding (such as the reception, dinner, and ceremony)

Be sure to:

__ If you have a layout of your ceremony and other aspects of your wedding, supply them to make sure that’s within scope for their particular offering.


__ Talk with different officiants to find the right one for your special day.


__ Explore vendors.

__ Coordinate logistics, e.g. what photos you’d like from each part of the wedding.

Be sure to:

__ Ask potential photographers for sample galleries for you to peruse. Look at the photos you like and relay your photography vision to them so they know what look you are going for.

__ If you want additional services, such as wedding videos, ask if this is also something they can do.

__ Ensure they will bring everything they will need.

__ Tell the photographer about the venue(s) they will be photographing, including whether it’s inside, outside, what time of day, and so on. If you have a layout of your ceremony and other aspects of your wedding, this is also good to give them so they can suggest where they will take photos from to ensure you get the photos you want from your special day. It may be helpful to send the photographer a gallery of your venue(s) or give them a walk-thru so they can plan accordingly.

Equipment rental 

__ Work with wedding planning to know what the venue provides and what you’ll need from a hired vendor.

__ When talking with different vendors, have a list ready to double check the vendor has the equipment you’ll need.

Specialty Linens 

Pearl white? Taupe? Rustic beach wedding theme? Whatever the look you’re going for, the linens you choose make a big difference.

__ Explore vendors and share with them your theme and vision set by you and your wedding planner.

__ Ask them for galleries to see their work and learn about their style and what they can do.

__ Show them photos of what you have in mind, if possible.



__ Explore different private transportation options to find the right one for your wedding.

__ Determine how many passengers you’ll have, as well as logistics (such as where to pick up and drop off guests, and how many vehicles you’ll need).

For more details on how to create your perfect wedding day and to learn about the local vendors we would recommend, explore the SeaCrest Pismo Beach wedding kit.

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