Finding a Dog-Friendly Hotel in Pismo Beach

dog friendly hotel pismo beachYour dog is more than a pet; he’s part of your family. So when it’s time to plan your vacation, a dog- friendly hotel in Pismo Beach is just what you need. And don’t think you have to skimp on the quality of hotels to find a place that will accommodate Fido. Today’s dog-friendly hotels go above and beyond, to make your vacation a great one for you and your dog.

So what can you expect to find? Well, we think there are a few standards you should look for – after all, you don’t wish to include your dog at the expense of your own comfort.

Plenty of space for your dog to roam

It can be frustrating to stay in a hotel with your dog, only to realize you have to get in the car and drive to the nearest park just give Fido a place to stretch. Ideally, you’d love to have grassy spaces – or – even better yet – a beach that permits dogs.

Dog-friendly rooms

Another common frustration with “pet-friendly” hotels is you may be limited on room choice – for example, only one-size bed, or you may be placed in a room far from amenities you wish to enjoy. Make sure the hotel offers you a range of room types, and your room is located with easy access to the outdoors and amenities.

Added luxuries for Fido

With all the packing (particularly if you have children!) that vacations require, it can be easy to overlook your dog’s necessities, such as extra food or treats. And what about dog bowls or a dog bed? Will you even have room in your car to accommodate everything you want to bring? Fortunately, inPismoBeach, there’s a dog-friendly hotel that not only offers food, dog toys, gourmet dog biscuits, bowls, and beds, but even a Canine Concierge who gives tips on where to take your pet and advises pet-friendly activities.

The Pismo Beach SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel is Your Vacation-Friendly, Dog-Friendly Choice

At SeaCrest, we love dogs and we know they’re truly a part of your family. The ideal vacation for you includes the ability to bring your dog, and stay in a comfortable, ideally located hotel, offering amenities for both your family and your dog.

We are pleased to offer plenty of grassy space, designated to accommodate dogs, in addition to pet-friendly rooms featuring a double queen or king, and, our favorite feature – a Canine Concierge service. We’ll give you a welcome brochure that lists pet-friendly activities, and treat your dog to gourmet dog biscuits. We also offer pet beds, extra food, and water bowls.

We can’t wait to have you and your dog as our guest. Check out our Best Doggone Vacation Package for your next visit toPismoBeach.

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