Pismo Beach Surfing: It’s All Good!

If you’re looking for a place to surf away your vacation, weekend, or afternoon off, there are few areas of the Pacific Coast that rival surfing in Pismo Beach. Even better – newbies and seasoned surf masters co-exist at Pismo Pier.



Hardcore Surfers Can Hang Ten with Pismo Beach Surfing

The experts at Surfline describe Pismo Beach Pier best, categorizing it as a consistent, shapely Central Coast beachbreak, a hub of south county surfing. Hardcore, experienced surfers will appreciate that the pier is in a slight northwest swell shadow and not overly windy or exposed like some sandbars.

You’re pretty much guaranteed some white sand beachbreak and solo peaks if you desire to venture further down the coast, but hanging in the pier vicinity is stellar, with a beach that gently slopes out from the water’s edge. Pismo Beach surfing offers soft waves and wind-blocking hills behind the city of Pismo Beach that keep the land warm.

Surfing Neophyte? Take Pismo Beach Surf Lessons

Pismo Pier surfing has produced its fair share of talented surfers, but that doesn’t mean newbies should be daunted by the wind and waves. Pismo Beach surf lessons are plentiful, and recommended. Surfline categorizes the ability level of Pismo Pier surfing as beginner and up, so before you know it you could be hanging ten (or at least five) with the best of them.

Whether you’re a California native or brave tourist, if you’re new to the surf scene there’s no better way to get initiated into the fraternity (or sorority) of swells and breakers than with Pismo Beach surf lessons. Bonus: The friendly, comfortable vibe of the Pismo Beach community makes for laid-back goings-on after your day among the waves.

Go on a Pismo Beach Surfing Safari

If you’re headed to the beach to catch some waves, you’ll need a place to park yourself and your board. The SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel is offering a Surfin’ Safari package now through early May 2013. Beach Boys fan or not, there’s no denying the excellent offerings of Pismo Beach’s tastiest hotel.

Book your one-night stay in an OceanView King or CoastalView 2-Queen room at the SeaCrest, which includes surf lessons for two, courtesy of Shell Beach Surf Shop. Surfboard and wetsuit rentals are also part of this package.

Whether testing the waters of Pismo Beach for the first time or dipping into Pismo as a long-time wave-rider, a day of Pismo Pier surfing calls for a refreshing evening of rest from your hotel balcony with a sunset view and a delicious drink, delivered by the SeaCrest’s Thirst Aid to the Rescue beverage delivery service. And, hey, if you’re prone to midnight surfing jags, Pismo Beach Pier is lit at night, meaning full-moon surfing sessions are an adventure just waiting to happen.

BOOK NOW and hit the surf tomorrow!

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About the Pismo Beach SeaCrest OceanFront Hotelsea crest pismo beach hotel:

An iconic Pismo Beach hotel, the SeaCrest Oceanfront Hotel is now “Celebrating 50 Years” on the California Central Coast with its newly designed retro-chic look and 21st Century amenities. Enjoy a classic tradition of service combined with all the features today’s discriminating guests demand.


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  1. […] Surfing in Pismo Beach is for every water spirit – newbies and veterans alike. With soft waves and wind-blocking hills, the ocean calls to hardcore surfers. Neophytes can tackle surfing lessons and be ushered into a community of water-loving, wave-hugging daredevils and athletes. […]

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