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We’re part of Stash Hotel Rewards, where you can earn and redeem points for free nights at the SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel and other great independent hotels across the U.S.


Why join Stash?

Besides earning free nights to stay at our fabulous hotel, Stash allows for:

One-of-a-kind travel experiences.  Stash partner hotels are all independently run and include top-rated resorts, legendary hotels, chic boutiques and more.

Free nights fast. Earn and redeem points at any Stash partner hotel across the U.S. and Caribbean.

Membership is easy and flexible.  It’s free and only takes a minute to enroll.  Points never expire and blackout dates don’t exist.

Stash Hotel Rewards frees travelers from the uninspired offerings of existing hotel reward programs by making it easy to break free from big, bland hotel chains and stay at amazing hotels.  Stash was founded on a belief in the happiness-producing power of traveling to places that convey a unique and interesting story – places with soul. It’s a belief that is shared with the independent hoteliers and the independently-minded travelers the company was created to serve.  Travelers can easily sign up for a free account at Stash Hotel Rewards.

Become a Stash member now.   

Joining Stash is free and easy to do. Points add up fast, so you’ll be packing your bags for your favorite escape in no time.

We hope to see you soon!

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