Hot August Nights in Pismo Beach

sunsetAs soon as August hits and those back-to-school ads start populating TVs and newspapers, it feels like summer is already wrapping up, whether you have kids or not. Don’t be fooled by the mainstream media! You and your special someone don’t have to throw in the beach towels yet. There are still plenty of warm nights ahead to accompany a much-deserved romantic getaway to Pismo Beach.

Romance on Pismo Beach

With no chill to dissuade you from outdoor activities in the summer evenings on Pismo Beach, take time to stroll the beaches at twilight, pausing once night falls to do a little stargazing from the famed Pismo Pier. The lingering heat from the long summer days makes the evening temps more than comfortable. You can even grab some tasty, portable takeout for an impromptu picnic on the sand.

Accompany Your Love Affair

The Avila Beach Farmers Market is one of the most unique California venues of its kind. This weekly gathering – every Friday night from April through September – has a local festival vibe with fresh produce, yummy food booths, wine tastings, contests and prizes, and family fun. One of the biggest draws is the live music – from reggae to Irish rockabilly, classic rock to folk, ska to country, there’s no better excuse to shake your tail feather or sway with your sweetheart than a happy summer evening.

Some Enchanted Evening

When visiting Pismo Beach and wanting to create a romantic night for your significant other, there’s no reason to go about the planning alone. The popular Beach Butlerz service will set the ambiance for you, creating a grand Moroccan Love Encounter on the sand, building the Ultimate Teepee Bonfire, or organizing a sunset or romance-themed beach bonfire.

A Blissful Stay in Pismo Beach

You won’t want to break the sweet spell you’ve cast with a night among the sands and stars, so return to the SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel in Pismo Beach to spend the wee hours soaking in our outdoor hot tubs or watching the ocean from your private balcony. SeaCrest does romance right – ask about our Build Your Own Honeymoon package (even if you’re already hitched, or not quite there yet) for proper wining and wooing in your room and out and about in Pismo Beach.


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