Pismo Beach – A Sea Otter Paradise

sea-otterHave you ever seen a sea otter? These cute-n-furry members of the weasel or mustelid family can be spotted floating, hunting, cleaning, sleeping and eating throughout the waters of Pismo Beach this time of year. Often all of these exertions are done with pups in tow as the pups are dependent on their mothers for five to twelve months.

If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to plan your visit to Pismo Beach to see these adorable creatures.

The Sea Otter Experience

During your stay, don’t miss the chance to do more than just view these amazing creatures. Get educated about their habitats and behaviors by visiting the nearby city of Morro Bay, which is hosting the Sea Otter Experience June 22nd through August 31st every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00am until 3:00pm at Morro Rock.

Presented by California State Park Docents and the Central Coast State Parks Association, you are welcome to visit any time during the scheduled time frame for a free educational program that offers written materials as well as the chance to speak with knowledgeable and friendly museum docents. Then, take advantage of multiple spotting scopes and binoculars available for children and adults to spot these gorgeous and entertaining characters in their wild habitat.

To locate the Sea Otter Experience, navigate to Morro Rock in the Morro Bay State Park and look for the exhibit trailer on Coleman Drive at the end of the boardwalk across from the restrooms.
For more information, please call 805.772.2694.

Morro Rock and the Rest of the Nine Sisters

While you visit the sea otters, make sure to take in the magnificence that is Morro Rock, which will be located just steps away. “Morro” is Spanish for crown and was named “El Morro” by the Portuguese explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in 1542. This historic state landmark was formed 23 million years ago and is a member of the Nine Sisters of volcanic plugs. It is the final peak of the chain that extends from San Luis Obispo to Morro Bay.

You may want to experience one of these historic peaks first hand. Not all of the peaks are currently accessible, but among them they offer an abundance of hiking and mountain biking opportunities that accompany gorgeous views and a wide variety of wildlife.

As you conclude your evening, head back to Pismo Beach where you can view the beautiful sea otters again from the famous Pismo Pier. It’s hard to get enough of these cute and playful creatures.

Sea Otter Fun Facts

Sea otters are the smallest marine mammal, but also have the thickest fur of any mammal (land or marine) at 850,000 to one million hairs per square inch.

Because of their thick hair they spend the majority of their time cleaning themselves.

Great white sharks do not actively hunt sea otters. Great white sharks seek blubber, but sea otters do not have blubber like their fellow mammals the seals and sea lions.

Sea Otters and SeaCrest

Your sea otter adventures are likely to make you crave some relaxation time of your own and we have just the place for you to make it happen. If your kids are exploring the central coast with you, make sure to check out Crestie’s Kids Camp! Book your stay at SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel for the perfect conclusion to your perfect Central Coast day.

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