Beach Tips: Planning a Fun, Safe Pismo Vacation

family-fun-at-pismo-beachThe time for beach vacations has arrived. Here in Pismo we all but run, okay many of us actually run, towards the pristine coastline that invites everything from much needed relaxation to a long list of outdoor sports and activities for all ages. In fact, Pismo Beach has been considered a prime vacation spot for years by the likes of new couples, large families and singles alike all looking for summer amusement.

Now, all of you beach-goers should keep a few things in mind as you indulge in your sandy vacation to assure safety, health and a whole lot of fun. Here are 5 beach tips to help you prepare for your next Pismo Beach Vacation!

1. Protect what needs protecting

First off, protect yourself and your family from the inside out.

Pack food and plenty of water. We all get hungry and thirsty after spending some time on the beach, especially those kiddos who will be running around nonstop. Plus, fatigue and dehydration are two of the last things you want to experience while you are supposed to be enjoying time with family or friends.

When preparing food make sure you have a way of keeping it sealed well. You don’t want seagulls indulging on your favorite snacks while you are taking a dip in the ocean.

Next, load up on your choice of sun protection for both skin and eyes. From sunscreen and sunglasses to cover ups and hats, don’t let the sun get the best of you.

Finally, protect your personal items by turning to a good old-fashioned plastic baggie. It will help deter the likes of sand, water, sandwich crumbs and sunscreen smudges from invading smart phone screens and every crevice of your wallet.

2. Swimming precautions

If you plan to enjoy the cool ocean water on your Pismo vacation, there are several precautions to keep in mind, which include staying alert at all times and checking the local weather conditions before setting off to dip your toes in the water.

For a complete list of swimming safety tips including the dangers of rip currents visit the American Red Cross website at

3. Money saving activities

Whether you’re planning your beach vacation on a budget or you merely enjoy the simple pleasantries of the outdoors, why not try these good old fashioned low cost beach activities.

Building sand castles

From soaring towers to moats with crocodiles, imagination flourishes during this family favorite pastime.

Flying kites

Who doesn’t love to spend an afternoon flying a kite? Learn about the types of kites and how to fly them from Professor Kite of National Kite Month. And remember all kites need a chance to fly for “a kite has no ‘spirit’ until it has been flown. Even if your kite is only for decoration, it should be flown at least once.”

Collecting sea shells and rocks

Who needs a gift shop when your favorite souvenir just may be a free one? Whether you have an eye for impressive sand dollars or intriguing rocks, grab a pail and hit the beach.

4. Getting clean

If you are beach-going with kids, extra towels are a must. Keep one or two tucked away until the very end of the day, otherwise all of your towels will inconveniently be useless from the constant emergence of water and sand from little trampling feet.

After drying off, you may find there is still some sand stuck to your skin and in your hair. Try baby powder to draw out any residual moisture and then the remaining sand will miraculously fall right off.

5. Have fun

Remember that your vacation is your vacation. Choose the beach activities that make you enthused, happy, energetic or all of the above and enjoy your summer fun!

Now that you know how to prepare for your time at the beach, let SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel, Pismo Beach take care of the rest. Offering deluxe accommodations complete with direct beach access from the hotel, your dream beach vacation is awaiting.

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