Beach Hopping in Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach Beaches

Have you ever noticed the uniqueness of individual beaches? While most are known for attracting some type of crowd, it’s not always about the best place to get a sun tan. Some beaches are known for exploration, some for running and others as surfing hotspots. Here in Pismo Beach we are lucky to be near some of the best beaches in California and each offers its own activities, sightseeing opportunities, and all around excitement to its visitors.

During your next Pismo Beach vacation we invite you to consider spending a couple days finding out what each of our beaches is about. Here are 5 recommended beach hopping opportunities to get you started.

Beach #1: Pismo Beach at the Pier

This classic beach offers all the popular beach-going activities. Stretch out in a beach chair or opt to join a pick-up game of volleyball. This jog-friendly and dog-friendly area is the perfect place to get some exercise and let your four-legged friends enjoy the sun, sand, and water.

When you need a break from the sand take a stroll downtown where there is easy access to a wide variety of restaurants and shops for your culinary and retail needs. Then, take a walk down the pier to enjoy more stunning beach and ocean views. Plan for a sunset walk as the month of December brings a beautiful Christmas tree of lights to the end of the pier.

Beach #2: The Oceano Dunes

Looking for a beach to ride a horse? Or is motor vehicle recreation more your style? The Oceano Dunes located just south of Pismo Beach offers the perfect place to get out and experience some real beach adventures. As the only California State Park where you can drive vehicles on the sand, the Oceano Dunes is safe for passenger vehicles on the north side while four wheel drive vehicles are recommended for access to camping sites and the off highway vehicle use areas.

Other popular activities at this beach include surfing, swimming, surf fishing and bird watching. Also, beach wheelchairs are available for loan at both the Pier and Grand Avenue entrances.

Beach #3: Shell Beach

This small beach community is located in Northern Pismo Beach. While these beaches are mostly occupied by locals and surfing enthusiasts, it has become a popular spot to launch a kayak and explore tide pools.

As with the other Pismo beaches, this one is dog-friendly. You will also see many green parks located along the bluffs. They offer ample bench seating, picnic tables and barbeque pits for public use. Plus, these ocean views are some of the best around.

Beach #4: Avila Beach

Avila Beach is known for its popularity among families. The sand is always clean, offering prime sand castle building locations. The kids’ playground area is expansive and there are even swings and a slide right on the beach. When you’re hungry, beach vendors offer hotdogs and snacks for everyone to enjoy. Then, consider a walk on the pier or bring your fishing gear for more family-fun.

Beach #5: Port San Luis

A minute’s drive from the main beach in Avila (described in #4), you will find the dog-friendly area. Port San Luis is a long stretch of beach that lets you exercise your pup while soaking in the sun and enjoying the ocean water.

Are you excited for the beach yet? Plan your beach hopping experience today with SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel in Pismo Beach. Located within 15 minutes of all 5 beach locations, SeaCrest is the perfect place to stay, play and get ready to explore our sandy, salty wonders.

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