The Many Sunsets of Pismo Beach

pismo sunsetThe great outdoors of Pismo Beach is undeniably stunning. While there are many thrill-seeking and adventurous ways to enjoy Pismo, you don’t have to climb the highest hiking trail or paddle a surfboard out into the deep blue sea to take in its beauty. Instead, consider one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy Mother Nature, by enjoying a glorious sunset.

Lucky for you Pismo visitors, we have some of the best kick-back and watch the sunset locations on the Central Coast. Take a look at our list of prime sunset viewing sites.

The Pismo Beach Parks

Whether you’re looking for a barbeque pit and picnic area or a comfortable bench, the parks of Pismo Beach are equipped with many amenities to complement your sunset viewing.

Here are 6 of our favorite Pismo parks that offer spectacular ocean views and amazing sunsets:

1.     Boosinger Park

This lovely neighborhood park encompasses both city and ocean views that can’t be missed. Picnic areas and barbeque pits line the park along with a children’s play area.

Boosinger Park is located on Wadsworth.

2.     Spyglass Park

A stunning 4 ½ acre park with access to a mile and a half of beach and tide pools, this park is a local favorite. Take in a sunset from one of the many seating areas and picnic tables. Have an evening barbeque or relax on the large stretch of grassy recreation area. An extensive children’s playground is available as well as handicapped picnic area access.

Spyglass Park is located off Shell Beach Road on Spyglass Drive.

3.     Dinosaur Caves Park

The largest of the Pismo parks, Dinosaur Caves Park is 11-acres of perfection for sunset enthusiasts as well as joggers, dog-walkers, photographers, fishermen and families.

Located at Shell Beach Road and Cliff Avenue.

4.     Margo Dodd Park

This park is a photographer’s dream. From breathtaking ocean views along a rocky coastal terrain to an abundance of wildlife, your sunset pictures will be amazing. The park also includes a covered gazebo, a grass lawn recreation area, bicycle parking and beach access to a large tide pool.

Margo Dodd Park is located adjacent to Dinosaur Caves Park on Ocean Boulevard and can be accessed from Cliff Avenue and Seaview Avenue.

5.     Eldwayen Ocean Park

If you head north of Dinosaur Caves Park on Shell Beach Road, Capistrano Avenue will then take you west to another favorite sunset watching location. A 1 ½ mile oceanfront park with convenient beach access in addition to bluff top seating areas.

6.     Palisades Park

The final park on our list is Palisades. This beautiful six-acre location is the furthest North on Shell Beach Road and includes basketball and tennis courts. Participate in an evening game before settling in to watch the sunset.

The Pismo Pier

While the many parks of Pismo are amazing, we also invite you to consider the Pismo Pier for a front row seat at sunset. This famous location is always a welcoming environment. If you would rather stroll while taking in the sunset , take your feet to the 60-acre regional beach. Or if you don’t want to get your toes sandy, opt for the boardwalk.

A Sunset with SeaCrest

If you are having a hard time deciding which Pismo Beach location will have your perfect sunset, try the SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel. Whether relaxing on the grassy lawn and picnic area or sitting back on your own private balcony, SeaCrest has your picture-perfect setting to observe one of nature’s greatest moments.

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