Pismo Beach: Surfing Hotspot

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Pismo Beach is known for its beautiful waters and surf appeal. The overall feel is endearing, an unmatched vibe as surfers take to the water beneath the warm sun and enjoy surroundings that create a visual masterpiece filled with palm trees, rolling hills, and the dunes.

Besides the beautiful scenery and mild weather, there are numerous other reasons surfers are attracted to Pismo Beach:

  • You can expect a genuinely fun time reflective of old California charm.
  • There is a good surf break at the Pier.
  • Both first-timers and seasoned professionals appreciate Pismo Beach and can find their perfect surf spot.
  • Food and drink are at your fingertips. Step out of the water and experience a variety of local hangouts within walking distance.
  • Shell Beach, a Pismo community located just north of the Pier, provides a slightly different vibe with several surfing spots positioned below well-maintained cliffs. This area is known for its consistent wave shapes.

If you speak with any local Pismo Beach surfers, they are sure to entertain you with stories of Pismo’s rich surfing history. Many not only credit Pismo with making themselves “pretty darn good surfers,” but can tell you of the controversies that occurred over the years as restrictions on surfing, skimming, and fishing were enacted at the Pier. A famous City Council meeting that occurred on February 10, 1964 settled a huge debate that had been ongoing between the surfers and fisherman. A full house of local business owners, fisherman, and surfers discussed the situation and according to the Pismo Beach Surf Museum, the “impressive amount of well-dressed surfers made quite an impression on the City Council” and “today Surfing at the Pismo Beach pier is fully accepted.”

Are you ready to try out the Pismo surf? Various surf schools and surf shops can help you gear up to hit the water. Whether you are in need of a first lesson or just want a few simple tips to get started in Pismo, these friendly locals are here to accommodate. They also provide rentals for more than just surfing – boogie boarding, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding are just some of the other ways to enjoy the Pismo surf.

Visit or contact these local shops for more information and to get started:

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Surf Camp Package

The SeaCrest is teaming up with Shell Beach Surf Shop to send you and your children to a fun and educational surf camp. Shell Beach Surf Shop is loading up their Woody and heading over with wetsuits and soft top surf boards for each student. Camp runs June 22nd until July 27th, Monday through Thursdays, so your children can get all the experience and teaching they want. For more information, check out the SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel’s SeaCrest Surf Camp Package to start catchin’ some waves!

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