Top Tips for Riding the Gorgeous Oceano Dunes

ATV riding pismo dunes

While in Pismo Beach, many visitors enjoy riding the Oceano Dunes. This off-road vehicle experience is thrilling, adventurous and allows you to take in the wondrous surrounding scenery of the Pismo State Beach.

Kylee Jepsen recently wrote an article for entitled “Ride the Sand at the Oceano Dunes Using these Do’s and Don’ts” that addresses the fun and safety aspects of riding the dunes. Let’s review Kylee’s tips alongside some of our own for an enjoyable ride along the beautiful Oceano Dunes.

Do Your Research

Selecting your off-road vehicle shouldn’t take place on a whim. There are a number of vehicle models that meet various rider goals and require different levels of experience. Ask the advice of a professional or your dune tour’s hosting company. “They can provide tips and insider information on what is safe for a beginner, all the way up to an advanced rider,” states Kylee.

Make Reservations

Reservations are typically necessary. Rental companies can only guarantee you your preferred vehicle if you reserve it in advance.

Know What to Wear

Appropriate attire is necessary to ensure you have an enjoyable experience. You are not dressing for a relaxed day at the beach.

  • Wear closed-toed shoes, no exceptions. No flip flops or sandals of any kind and nothing that will slip off your feet.
  • Wear layers. Riding the dunes means outside elements and lots of wind. Include a heavy sweater or jacket regardless of the time of year.
  • Wear comfortable pants. You need room to move as you climb in and out of the buggy. Shorts should be avoided.
  • Don’t wear your favorite outfit – you will get dirty.
  • Wear protective gear. You can buy or rent a helmet and goggles.

Know the Rules and Adhere to Them

Obey the rules as it is key to your safety. But “don’t be afraid!” says Kylee.

“Dune Buggying was one of the best outdoor activities I have experienced to date. It was a little scary at first, but once you go over that initial hill your adrenaline starts to rush and you are ready for more! I would highly recommend renting a Dune Buggy for first timers and beginner riders. This small off-roading vehicle is the perfect way to get familiar with the dunes. You will be surprised at the capability it has to tackle some of those steep dunes. Don’t worry, if you get stuck, there are always professional riders out there to help you.”

Take in the Scenery

The Oceano Dunes are a natural beauty. Make sure to take the time to appreciate the view along with your ride. Kylee mentions that “many travelers don’t know what to expect when going out for the first time. The vastness of these sand dunes will make you relatively speechless…”

A Place to Start: Sun Buggy Fun Rentals

For all your excursion needs, explore Sun Buggy Fun Rentals. Kylee entrusted her first dune ride with this company. They offer a wide selection of off-road vehicles, UTVs, ATVs, and dune buggies at competitive, all-inclusive prices. All packages come complete with helmets and goggles for your safety. Check out their current off-season deals!

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