Boat the Central Coast: Pismo Beach Fishing, Cruising, and More

You might believe you’re a landlubber, or perhaps you only feel like one when you’re in the ocean and not sailing upon it, but one trip to Pismo Beach will alter your perception. Charter cruises provide services that are an ideal fit for individuals, couples, families, or groups. Whether you’re on the hunt for a way to unwind or a way to get energized, you can find a satisfactory way to spend your time on the waters of the Central Coast.

Charter a Ride on the Central Coast

Are you game for rod-bending, break-a-sweat sportfishing? Or are you seeking a tamer but nevertheless heart-stopping pastime like whale watching? Virg’s Landing Charters in Morro Bay invites visitors to choose either of these activities, or book a private charter to go after the biggest fish in the coastal waters. Whether you’re boating solo or bringing the family, a charter trip is just the ticket to a memorable experience on the Pacific Ocean.

Make It a Family Affair

Your children will never forget your vacation to Pismo Beach or Avila Beach when you book a Central Coast Sailing Charter. Wildlife viewing and whale watching from a generous-sized sailboat are just two of the highlights of this intimate sailing trip, seating up to six people. Sailing lessons are up for grabs too when you book your own sailboat – there is room for just your family to learn, relax, snack, and see the sights.

Be One with Ocean Wildlife

Otters are some of the most lovable creatures in the sea, and when they’re not diving for delicious Central Coast clams, you can get a good look at them on a Lost Isle Adventure Tours. Choose your speed: Hop on a quirky tiki boat to get a glimpse of adorable otters and barking sea lions in Morro Bay, run your feet through the fine powder sand, or soak up a view of the coast by electric boat.

Become a Sailor on the Sea

Fancy yourself a sailor? Or maybe you truly are a veteran boater? Either way, the sailing trips available through Maya Sailing Adventures fit the bill. Harbor tours, sailing lessons, sailing trips, whale watching – choose your adventure for family or friends. The refreshing ocean air awaits, as does the wildlife of Morro Bay: whales, dolphins, seals, otters, and birds. Sunset cruises, overnight trips, and custom charters are all for the taking.

Fish to Your Heart’s Content

Full-day, three-quarter day, and half-day fishing trips are on tap from Patriot Sport Fishing in Morro Bay Landing. Try your hand at snatching up some rock cod, albacore, or salmon on a sportfishing trip, free for kids under 12 (with some restrictions). This is the ultimate back-to-the-earth kind of trip that will truly introduce your youngsters to fishing on the sea.

By Land or By Sea

There is always something to do on the water in Pismo Beach, whether you’re a fisher, sailor, or simply a fan of being on the water, enjoying the waves, the view, and the laid-back attitude of the Central Coast. The best place to book your off-sea stay is at the SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel, where you’re steps away from the Pacific Ocean so you can dip your toes in and plan your next day’s adventure, by land or by sea.

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