10 Things to Love About Pismo Beach


Pismo Beach is the quintessential California beach town, located halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and boasting an extraordinary sampling of “something for everyone”. Let Pismo Beach fill your cup and exceed your expectations, whether you’re looking for an utterly relaxing or wildly adventurous vacation.

Get inspired to build your own unique vacation recipe and fall in love with your Pismo Beach.

1. The Scenery

Pismo Beach, obviously along the water, is also nestled at the base of a breathtaking range of craggy cliffs and hills. Especially at sunrise and sunset, the colors and textures surrounding the local coastline and mountains paint a backdrop to lift your spirit and frame those vacation memories beautifully. To really take it in, you can tour the area from a helicopter or take out a boat.

2. The Beaches of Pismo Beach

Miles of peaceful warm sandy beach welcome you to Pismo Beach – a place you can bask and just chill or play hard at beach volleyball or beach running. The steady rolling seas are great for swimming, surfing, wave riding, kayaking, diving and any other ocean play. Tide pools and caves ensure these beaches are not like any other, making yours a standout getaway.

3. The Oceano Dunes

The Oceano Dunes is one of the most unique and fun features of the Pismo Beach region. A large dry sea of sand dune waves makes for a special kind of playground, especially for off-road vehicles.

4. Trails for Hiking, Running, Biking, and Equestrian

Local trails invite you to slow down and return to your own natural rhythm. Hundreds of miles of trails weave into and through various landscapes and vistas to give your body, mind and soul a great respite. And we are excited about the upcoming opening of the Pismo Preserve, an 11-mile trail system opening right here in the hills above Pismo Beach.

5. Wildlife

Pismo Beach is home to more than hotels, restaurants, sand, and sea. Many species of living creatures thrive in the optimal temperatures and pristine conditions here. Monarch Butterflies migrate through every year, creating a unique and fantastic spectacle. Multiple species of whales also migrate, showing off with breaches and spouting next to their sea mates – dolphins, otters, and many varieties of fish and birds. If you simply walk around Pismo Beach admiring the animal kingdom, you could keep yourself enthralled for days.

6. Tons of Recreation

You name it, Pismo Beach has it. Because the weather is pretty much perfect all year round and the scenery is varied, this area draws sports enthusiasts for every single type of recreation. By land or sea, fast or mellow, traditional or fresh, and extreme, you will find the gear and the setting for any recreation you come to play.

7. Adventure

Looking for less chill and more thrill? How about a biplane, zipline or hummer ride? Pismo Beach has you covered. Like we said, something for everyone. 

8. Art

The stunning beauty of nature in and around Pismo Beach acts as inspiration for hundreds of local artists. Find displays of local works in restaurants and businesses all over town. In addition many of the Pismo Beach boutiques display and sell local art. Take home a unique piece for your own collection of art and memories.

9. Shopping

A quaint traditional downtown area calls to visitors looking for the strolling afternoon shopping experience. For the more determined, serious shopper, Pismo Beach also offers premium outlets.

10. Local Dining

Pismo Beach restaurants come in all shapes and sizes. Family friendly and homestyle to gourmet farm-to-table, you can find exactly what your palate and budget need.

Check out the Pismo Beach treasure map to plan your ideal vacation this summer. And book your Pismo Beach getaway today.   

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