Riding the Waves – Make the Most of the Central Coast with Watersports


There’s a magical point where the westward road to Pismo Beach ends and you find the threshold to a whole other world – the expansive Pacific Ocean. This great sea sets the stage for playful adventures, enticing you to make the most of every moment of your Central Coast vacation. When you’re not kicking it at the SeaCrest, take your board, boat, snorkel, or tank and kick off your recreation straight from the water. Surface top options include surfing, SUP, sea-kayaking, windsurfing, and kite-boarding. Underwater adventures include snorkeling and scuba. Whether your first or fiftieth time, water sports at Pismo Beach will challenge and delight you.


Pismo Beach offers multiple breaks, with surf to stoke you out at any experience level. The best breaks are typically at the morning high tide, though you will find surfers riding all hours of the day. The Pismo Pier is even lit at night for later surfers, because sometimes you just want to sleep in.

The Pismo Beach pier is not as exposed as some other local areas, which makes it less windy. Local surfers report south side surfing is better than the north and the further south you stroll, the more secluded your session will be.

For current conditions and recommendations, check out


This is one sport where the work feels anything but hard. Get in a great upper body workout while you focus on the stunning beauty of the sites near and far, on and in the water. Pismo Beach and surrounding waters are home to adorable sea otters, turtles, and loads of other marine life. You’ll also have a good chance of seeing dolphins and whales. Or paddle over to explore the Dinosaur Caves. Grab a sea kayak and unplug all the way – to the biggest escape of all, big blue.

Kayak Dave gives you a taste in this short video journey.

For guidance or to book a tour, contact Central Coast Kayak or Pismo Beach Surf Shop.


Looking for higher adrenaline water play? Pismo Beach can meet you there too. Lean into your dream adventure as you ride the wind and waves to your limits of fun.

Windsurfing multiplies the chance for speed by using both the force from the wind and the power of the waves. If you’re seeking to fly across the waves, tap into the regular coastal winds, constant waves, and smooth sand bottoms of Pismo Beach.

Use these sites to check up to the minute conditions and tune in to the local chatter about today’s rides.

Kiteboarding (or Kitesurfing)

This relatively new extreme sport will lift your spirits along with your bag of bones. Take the fun and the physics of windsurfing to another stratosphere as a kite rather than a sail powers this sport. Getting the kite into the air is well worth the effort as surfers can catch up to 30 feet of air, even from a smooth surface. For the variety-obsessed, there are even different styles of kiteboarding, including freestyle, freeride, downwinders, speed, course racing, wakestyle, jumping and wave riders.


For those fishes or dolphins amongst us, claim your delight a few feet under water as you explore the coastal wonderlands with mask and snorkel. There’s a large tidepool at the end of Pier Street, from Margo Dodd Park.

Scuba Diving

Last but certainly not least, consider a deeper dive with a full tank and a bold adventurous spirit.

From Pismo Beach and surrounding areas, depths can range anywhere from 5′-30′. Explore kelp beds as well as rocky areas, with crevices hiding fish, crabs, octopus, and more. Common sights include nudibranchs, rockfish, perch, sea hares, rays, and plenty of anemones.

To get a close up sense of the wildlife you can visit under the sea, here is some footage of recent Shell Beach dives from a SLOcal. Always check the local weather and conditions before diving.

Go for it. Make this summer the best (and the wettest) yet with your choice of Pismo Beach water sports. Book your stay at the SeaCrest, your hotel for all things Pismo Beach.

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