Coastline, Bluffs, and Caves Give Shape to a Scenic Pismo Beach Vacation


When you head off to unplug on your central coast beach vacation you expect to find dazzling nature as a backdrop for rest, relaxation, adventure, and everything in between. Pismo Beach delivers on all counts.

A few features in particular make Pismo Beach a fabulous and unique retreat: the coastline, the bluffs, and the caves.

The Coastline

The central coast of California is one of the most famous and appreciated coastlines around the world. Whether you’re drawn to sink your toes into the warm sand and lapping surf or whether you prefer the breathtaking vistas along an esplanade walk or highway drive, the coastline awaits. Rocky crags contrast brilliant skies and a full spectrum of marine blues reveals the varying depth of the sea. The Pismo Beach coastline is the perfect place to stop and capture the memories you will treasure for a lifetime.

The Bluffs

Standing tall above the seashore, the bluffs of Pismo Beach boast one of the most quintessential vistas within Pismo Beach and undoubtedly for the central coast in general. Walking north along Price Street, you’ll want to pause and take in the inspiring lookout where pelicans perch on the sea cliffs. Bring a jacket, as the air can be cool this close to the water.

The Shell Beach Bluffs Walking Path also provides a coastal cliff vista, 100 feet above Pirate’s Cove. From the trail, Cave Landing is visible, a natural arch cave carved through the cliff. This view also often includes sea otters and sea lions atop the ocean rocks.

The Caves

If you’re looking to add a bit of adventure to your Pismo Beach getaway, take a short detour off the beaten beach path to a not-to-miss attraction called Dinosaur Caves. Situated on the north end of the Pismo Beach shore, these unique and amazing structures invite you into another world.

When you take the stairs leading up one wall you may think for a moment you’ve been transported across the pond to Greece. Some of the caves are jagged while others are smooth and curve in the shape of waves. You can even glimpse the sky through windows in the caves. Public stairs lead down to the beach and caves from Wilmar Avenue. There is also a park on the cliffs above the beach called Dinosaur Caves Playground. Click here for more info, photos and directions to the caves.

Pismo Beach is sitting pretty ready to beautify and enrich your summer escape. Book your Pismo Beach getaway today.

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