Proud to be Your ‘Green Hotel’ in Pismo Beach

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Since opening more than 50 years ago, we at the SeaCrest have consistently taken proactive steps to be a leader in our Pismo Beach community. We’re proud of our community and committed to doing our part to make and keep Pismo Beach great.

Supporting the environment is one of our core values. So today, we’re excited to announce we are taking major strides toward efficient and sustainable operations to minimize the harm and maximize the protection of our precious environmental resources. When you come to the SeaCrest for some well-deserved R&R, we want you to know your values can come with you in full force. Our hotel is proud to be keeping pace with one of the most important initiatives we all share at this precious time – sustainability.

Below is a list of some green initiatives the SeaCrest has implemented in three main categories: Water Wise, Energy Efficient, and Green Waste.

Water Wise & Energy Efficient

Stay Over Vouchers

On a multiple night stay when you elect to NOT have us service your room, you will receive a $10 credit to be used on Thirst Aid beverage delivery service, lobby market items including apparel, snacks, toys, and sundry supplies. This is a way to give yourself a gift by literally ‘doing nothing’.

Green Linen Program

This program is another easy way to make a big difference. Look for the signs as a reminder to save water and energy by reusing linens more than one time. Towel on bar = re-use; towel on floor = replace. We and the environment thank you!

Laundry Room Program

Behind the scenes changes have been implemented too. You may not see them, but we have new energy efficient and water wise machines for all our laundry.

Energy Efficient

Clean Light Bulbs

PG&E approves! The hotel now has PG&E approved energy efficient LED lighting throughout all rooms and buildings. The room lighting, landscaping, terrace lighting, and monument sign lighting have all been replaced with energy efficient LED bulbs. In addition the terrace and monument sign lighting is now on timers to conserve energy during daylight. 

Water Wise

Low Flow Fixtures

Water conservation efforts include new low flow faucets on all sinks and shower heads. You can enjoy the same great bath or shower, now with even more peace of mind knowing it’s easier on the environment.

Conservation in Landscaping

Irrigation and drip systems have been implemented to provide the beautiful resort surroundings with less water usage.

Green Waste

Real Water Glasses

Reusable water glasses now can be found in all rooms. Choose which one is yours and remember where you put it. With every sip you can be part of the solution too.

NO Styrofoam

You will no longer find any styrofoam products in our breakfast room.

Water Wise & Green Waste

Green Cleaning

We now use water wise cleaning techniques consistent with the community service district guidelines.

The SeaCrest has been part of this community for a long time, and we intend to continue to serve you with the best experience and highest quality of care. This includes taking care of our planet. Celebrate with us by coming and enjoying your own Green Experience, where you can enjoy peace of mind along with your tranquil getaway. Go Green!


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