Bee Happy in Pismo Beach

There’s quite a buzz about bees these days. In January of this year the first bumblebee was added to the endangered species list, according to the NY Times. In Pismo Beach we have good reason to ‘bee’ interested in, even concerned about our small friends.

While the ocean is a huge draw to the area, the gorgeous vistas, fresh local food, and central coast wines are also popular reasons to visit Pismo Beach – all interconnected with the health of our bees. The bees are essential to the pollination of many of our local crops and flowers, including many of the fresh local produce and the wildflowers in bloom across the county right now. In particular, when the flowers are in their peak bloom, it’s definitely time to appreciate the bees and do what we can to keep them happy and healthy. Without the bees the crops can’t flourish.

We have our local bee keepers to thank for doing a great job tending the bees. The keepers at SLO Honey Co, husband and wife team Adrion and Summer, tend hives around the county. While many keepers have been harshly impacted by drought recently, SLO Honey Co shares “we have been lucky in keeping our hives in locations around the central coast that provide enough flowers for our bees…our bees are able to make enough honey for themselves as well as extra for us to harvest.” This is good news for honey lovers all over the central coast.

You can find local honey at most of the farmers markets in and around Pismo Beach or directly from local farms like Talley Farms Fresh Harvest. Besides honey you can also find bee pollen, great for energy, honey sticks, beeswax candles, and even an assortment of flavored honey in a basket. With local pollens in nature’s perfect recipe, the honey can even be a boost for those folks whose allergies act up this time of year.

And if the bees get ornery, a team can also safely remove a hive, preserving the bees whenever possible. You get to enjoy the spring and summer honey production without worry.

You can “bee” happy about the little magic makers who help sustain some of the sweetest reasons to visit and explore Pismo Beach and the central coast area. Not just the honey – but the amazing produce and wines, along with the vistas and breathtaking views. And at the end of the day, if you’re looking for your own hive to tuck into as part of your getaway, you can claim your own sweet retreat at the SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel. Book your visit while the flowers are still in bloom.

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