4 Reasons Vacation Plans Fall Through (and How to Avoid the Cancellation Fees)

You know what they say: The best laid plans… When it comes to a carefully-planned, well-earned vacation, no one wants to think about what could go wrong. Don’t worry, we did it for you.

1. “I have to work.”


Oh no! A last minute crisis that only you can fix? Time off from your job often involves figuring out contingency plans for the problems that will inevitably arise while you’re away, but sometimes a real emergency comes up and it means something has to give.

2. “The babysitter cancelled.”


So your sister says she’ll take care of the kids so you and your spouse can take that romantic getaway you have been waiting forever to go on. Suddenly she flakes out and you’re left high and dry.

3. “We can’t leave Fido.”


The room is booked, bags are packed, and then your dog eats a whole block of cheese. You get to take him to pet Urgent Care just to make sure everything is okay, and your travel plans have been kenneled temporarily.

4. “Stomach bug!”


When it comes to vacation-time, wild horses couldn’t stop you, but that stomach flu that has been going around could.


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