The Perfect Pismo Beach Mother’s Day Itinerary

While we should really take every possible opportunity to thank dear mom for everything she does (thanks mom!), we’re grateful there’s one day to especially show our love, and grateful for a beautiful place like Pismo Beach to celebrate in style – her style.

This Mother’s Day consider bringing mom to Pismo Beach for a most memorable Mother’s Day, where she can lounge in the sun with the sand between her toes, take in beautiful views and fresh spring air, enjoy delicious food and drink prepared for her, just the way she likes it – and more. Here’s a perfect itinerary to please every mom, in time for her special day.

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Trail Running in Pismo Beach and Beyond

Calling all trail runners. If you haven’t been running in Pismo Beach lately, you’re in for a treat. Spring is the perfect time to plan a visit to explore the well groomed trails of Pismo Beach and surrounding areas. Enjoy miles of world-renowned views – from coastal vistas to inland valley fields and groves – all of it is gorgeous. The weather is ideal with cool mornings and evenings, along with warm sunny days if you prefer to run in the heat of midday. The flowers are still in bloom, so every stretch greets you with rainbows of happy spring colors and wafts of sweet floral fragrance.

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Bee Happy in Pismo Beach

There’s quite a buzz about bees these days. In January of this year the first bumblebee was added to the endangered species list, according to the NY Times. In Pismo Beach we have good reason to ‘bee’ interested in, even concerned about our small friends.

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Pamper Your Pooch in Pismo Beach

Spring has sprung on the Central Coast of California and it’s one of the best times of the year to get away. The weather is perfect, the hills are green and winter is officially over! We know when you travel with your family, of course you want to include those furry members of your family, too.

You wouldn’t think of leaving them at home, would you? While not all travel destinations treat pets equally, you can count on your Pismo Beach getaway to be one your furry friends will enjoy. Pismo Beach has many opportunities for you and your pet to be pampered and delighted with natural surroundings, fun activities and accommodations fit for royalty.

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Blooming Spring! The 411 on Central Coast Wildflowers

This year California experienced unprecedented rains, after years of serious drought. Hooray. The cup (well the levy) literally ran over. Indeed, heavy rains came, even to the point of floods up and down the state. While there were some clear negatives, one of the great joys of all this rain is a spectacular wildflower bloom. Starting in early March, flowers pop up across the Central Coast and produce some seriously gorgeous scenery. This year’s wildflower season is expected to be both beautiful and bountiful.

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Sights on our Sisters: Central Coast’s Favorite Hiking Vistas

The Central Coast is renowned for its iconic natural beauty – rolling hills dotted with Spanish Oaks and pristine cliffside or sandy beaches, the perfect setting for R & R – rest and recreation.

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Romance Abounds In and Around Pismo Beach

Here are a Few of our Favorite Activities and Sweet Spots.

Ah,’tis the season of romance. Reminders of love swirl all around us this month. While popular right now, in and around Pismo Beach the time for romance is not only unique to February. Romance is alive here all year round. Pismo Beach is an exceptional place to create memories full of sweetness. Anytime.

Offering far more than just dinner and a movie, Pismo Beach opportunities for romance include world renowned beaches with sunset views, local art, music, dancing and so much more. Dinner is well covered too with award winning wine and dine options for all budgets and degrees of spice including gourmet farm to table options with Pismo Beach’s own fresh, organic, local ingredients. Check out some of our most beloved spots for romance and create your own delight this month or anytime. For love is always in the air in Pismo Beach.

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Pismo Beach Fish Fanfare

Many of the world’s finest beaches are found along the 1,100 miles of our California coastline. The quintessential town of Pismo Beach is among the most popular spots to explore and restore. Here residents and visitors celebrate and enjoy the abundant sea life year round, as just below the surface of this beach haven you’ll find equally exquisite sea life.

With seasonal winds and waves, the sea floor and environment shifts and changes, creating variable habitats for sea creatures. Teeming with life, the coastal waters are labeled as “shore layers”, making for a special kind of playground where you’ll find different fish.

If you’re on foot along the beach, dip your toes into the magical tidepools where you’ll find colorful and unique playmates. If you prefer to be perched on top of a boat, whether recreating or fishing, you’ll find a whole different kettle of fish. And for the special breed of underwater mermaids and mermen who snorkel and dive, you’ll find your own delight amidst all the coastal layers. Here is a quick overview of the coastal layers and some of the creatures you’re likely to find in each.

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Celebrating the Winter Wonderland of Pismo Beach

One of the most magical gifts Pismo Beach presents is the opportunity to be outside year round. While many areas of the country are scraping ice and hunkering down this winter, Pismo Beach is, in dramatic contrast, an inviting wonderland. Some of the most spectacular scenery and opportunities unfold right in the midst of deep winter. Come see for yourself the whimsy of Pismo Beach’s wonderland.

Abundant Wildlife

Many species quiet down and become harder to find during winter months. There are a few however who prefer to delight us by taking center stage during this otherwise dormant time. If you’re craving a way to connect with nature and enjoy the cycle of life without the snow and ice, come dance with the butterflies, listen to the song of both whales and birds, and see how seal pups get welcomed into their large families.

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Got Goals? Top 2017 Central Coast Running Races and Triathlons

The central coast is known for year round recreation. At its heart, Pismo Beach offers some of its own events as well as a place along some of the most breathtaking, scenic courses available. Check out these favorite races and set yourself some worthy goals for 2017.

1. Pismo Pier to the Plunge (January 1)

Start your year off right with a new favorite Pismo Beach activity.  The 5K all-ages run will take place entirely on the beach, starting and finishing right by the historic Pismo Beach Pier. You’ll also have a chance to earn your “Pismo to Plunge” headband by taking the plunge after you finish! Kick off the year with some fun. More Information >

2. Castle to the Coast Fun Run (January 14)

This unique local event covers 8.2 miles of beautiful ocean view beginning at Hearst Castle/San Simeon State Park and finishing at Shamel Park. Registration is open to only 300 participants, so register soon to secure your spot in this fun run. More Information >

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