Beach Hopping in Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach Beaches

Have you ever noticed the uniqueness of individual beaches? While most are known for attracting some type of crowd, it’s not always about the best place to get a sun tan. Some beaches are known for exploration, some for running and others as surfing hotspots. Here in Pismo Beach we are lucky to be near some of the best beaches in California and each offers its own activities, sightseeing opportunities, and all around excitement to its visitors.

During your next Pismo Beach vacation we invite you to consider spending a couple days finding out what each of our beaches is about. Here are 5 recommended beach hopping opportunities to get you started.

Beach #1: Pismo Beach at the Pier

This classic beach offers all the popular beach-going activities. Stretch out in a beach chair or opt to join a pick-up game of volleyball. This jog-friendly and dog-friendly area is the perfect place to get some exercise and let your four-legged friends enjoy the sun, sand, and water.

When you need a break from the sand take a stroll downtown where there is easy access to a wide variety of restaurants and shops for your culinary and retail needs. Then, take a walk down the pier to enjoy more stunning beach and ocean views. Plan for a sunset walk as the month of December brings a beautiful Christmas tree of lights to the end of the pier.

Beach #2: The Oceano Dunes

Looking for a beach to ride a horse? Or is motor vehicle recreation more your style? The Oceano Dunes located just south of Pismo Beach offers the perfect place to get out and experience some real beach adventures. As the only California State Park where you can drive vehicles on the sand, the Oceano Dunes is safe for passenger vehicles on the north side while four wheel drive vehicles are recommended for access to camping sites and the off highway vehicle use areas.

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A Romantic Holiday in Pismo Beach

As you plan your winter vacation this year, opt to take off the chill with a visit to Pismo Beach. The town known for its romantic excursions is the perfect place to fall in love. And the best part is there is something to accommodate every type of couple.

So, what kind of couple are you?

The “Adventurous” Couple

hiking in Pismo Beach
If the great outdoors constantly calls your names, you are likely an adventurous couple. You enjoy exploring and taking in all that nature can provide be it great views, exercise, historical outings or exhilarating feats. With an average winter high of 65 degrees, you can get out and get active anytime in Pismo Beach. Try hiking, running, exploring the beach, surfing or horseback riding, just to name a few of Pismo’s great outdoor adventures.

The “Wine and Dine” Couple

Restaurant Month in Pismo Beach
Do you enjoy experiencing delicious meals complete with the charm of stunning ocean views? Pismo Beach restaurants will satisfy. Whether you love fine wine, are discriminating foodies or simply love a night out, you will find the perfect romantic setting within your price range.

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Why Pismo Beach Locals Love Their Town and Why You Will Too

Pismo Beach is a special town. The mix of scenic sights, outdoor adventures and extraordinary people make it one of the best places in the world to live and vacation.

Here are 7 reasons why we love Pismo Beach:

Bikes on the beach

1. An “Old California Spirit”

When people think of a California beach town, they often picture relaxing bike rides and barbeques in the sand – a place where people can truly let go their everyday worries. Not every beach town in California can be described this way anymore. Too much traffic, too many people and too many regulations interrupt the beauty and enjoyment of the beach. But Pismo remains as what California once was, thriving in a throwback to endless summers gone by. So, embrace the ability to literally drive on the beach, park your vehicle, setup camp and take in all the ocean and sand has to offer.

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Pismo Beach: Find Your Message in a Bottle


A mere month ago a family embarked on a lovely vacation in Pismo Beach. They planned to go fishing and enjoy the sandy beach, but they ended up experiencing much more.

According to a KSBY news article, the family had not been willing to give up on their day of fishing although the sky was uncharacteristically dark and clouded and the ocean’s increasing tide was an obvious challenge. It’s a good thing they decided to endure the rough weather because David Wilson, while half underwater and attempting to rescue his sandal from the ocean’s grasp, felt something hit his hand. David was able to get ahold of the foreign object and was astonished when he retrieved a message in a bottle.

Now, who hasn’t imagined finding a message in a bottle? Whether for adventurous or romantic notions, I think we all have dreamt up a story of discovering such an item, even if we were just kids at the time. We end up captivated by the discovery, adventure, hope and inspiration that arises from reading a note that could have traveled 2,000 or more miles, written in any number of languages for so many different reasons and resulting in a chance connection with another human life.

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Join Us for the Beach Clean-Up Day in Pismo Beach


SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel, Shell Café and Shell Beach Surf Shop invite you to spend a morning with the Pismo Beach community as we come together to help maintain our beautiful beach at this first annual beach clean-up event.

Event Details


SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel at 2241 Price Street, Pismo Beach, California 93449.


Saturday, November 15th, 2014. Meet in the SeaCrest lobby at 9:00am. The clean-up will conclude at 10:30am.

What to bring?

Yourself! And maybe a friend or two. Get energized to work with complimentary coffee, donuts, fruit and water upon your arrival at SeaCrest.  You will also be provided with plastic gloves and trash bags to make clean-up a breeze.

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Celebrate Thanksgiving the Pismo Way

marathon-runnerOn your marks, get set, trot! With the 3rd Annual South County Turkey Trot “At the Beach” taking place at the beautiful Pismo Pier and its nearby scenic stretch of beach along the Pacific Ocean. Three family and pet-friendly races will take place rain or shine on Thanksgiving morning. You can choose to participate in the 1 mile, 5K or 10K. No registration needed and the entry fee is a simple $1 cash donation in Memory of Christine Allen and in benefit of the Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County.

For those who haven’t heard Christine Allen’s story, it is heartfelt, moving and inspiring. This San Luis Obispo native’s passion for life and helping humanity was beyond contagious. She spent her days blessed with a loving family and filled her time with many activities, sports and a desire to live a healthy lifestyle. The spirited teenager also enjoyed public speaking and debate as a way to voice her ideas and opinions on subjects she valued. A dedication to eight years of 4-H and three years as president of the Edna 4-H Club brought her to what she called her “higher purpose.” The knowledge she gained from lamb and horse projects was repurposed into a benefit for local families in need. Christine structured a program that allowed her to raise an animal from a local breeder and then donate the animal to the Food Bank to feed the hungry. Her work benefited many local families over the years.

Sadly, when Christine and her family were returning from her freshman year at college, Christine was lost in a tragic rockslide in Utah. Christine had a few favorites in her life, which included the stretches of beach by the pier in Pismo, Thanksgiving and the color purple. So, we invite you on Thursday, November 27th to join us by wearing purple (or a costume of your choice) and running a 1 mile, 5K or 10K race on Thanksgiving morning. We will celebrate Christine’s life, continue her legacy and help further her cause by r helping the needy this holiday season. Read more about Christine here.

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Experience Pismo Beach and SLO Wine Country with “Harvest on the Coast”

wine tastingGet ready wine fans, SLO Wine Country’s “Harvest on the Coast” is set to begin Friday, November 7th, 2014 and continue through Sunday the 9th. This can’t miss event for both wine novices and connoisseurs is filled with a variety of wine tasting experiences ranging from winemaker dinners to tasting room open houses with live music.

Checkout the wine weekend lineup:

Friday, November 7th – Crafted on the Coast

The “Crafted on the Coast” Winemaker Dinner will take place on Friday evening. This collaborative event will feature six local winemakers and a specially planned undisclosed dinner menu by Chef Gregg Wangard. Wangard is the recipient of the 2014 Tourism Ambassador Award from the Visit San Luis Obispo County Annual Tourism Vision Workshop. He received this award due not only to his excellence as a chef in SLO County, but also to his dedicated community service, supportive actions for the “farm-to-table” movement and superlative marketing initiatives for SLO County.

The much awaited food and wine pairings for the evening will be a true coastal mystery to taste and to solve. Dinner guests are encouraged to guess the correct wine variety offered at each course for a chance to win a grand prize and a complimentary bottle of wine.

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A Safe Family Halloween in Pismo Beach

fall at pismo beachOctober is in full swing here in the beautiful Central Coast town of Pismo Beach. This joyous month brings pleasant weather and delightful fall happenings to anticipate throughout the community. It also brings a favorite family holiday, Halloween. Children and parents alike will be putting on spooky, sweet and startling costumes to take part in many Halloween activities across Pismo Beach and its neighboring communities.

As you scour the events calendars and make a decision on where to take your little ghosts and goblins this year, consider Pismo Beach and “Pumpkins on the Pier.” The City of Pismo Beach Recreation Division is very excited to be offering a safe and fun Halloween celebration alternative which includes the 10th Annual Trick or Treat Extravaganza!

Starting at 10:00am on Saturday, October 25th, 2014, the Pismo Pier will transform into a Halloween spectacular right before your eyes. This family-friendly event encourages children 12 and under to participate in fun and safe Halloween-themed activities.

Come early for pumpkin decorating 500 pumpkins will be given away on a first come, first served basis.  Children will have the ability to choose their very own pumpkins and then delight in the craft of adorning them.

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The Surfing Goats of Pismo Beach



They owe it all to Dana McGregor. McGregor acquired his first goat in 2011 as a way to eliminate unwanted poison oak and weeds in his yard. It wasn’t long until McGregor discovered Goatee was a caring and very intelligent animal that would become more than a weed eliminator.

Soon, Goatee would give birth to two kids. McGregor named them Pismo and Grover and strong bonds developed between them all. This is when McGregor decided to share one of his greatest passions with his goats, the love of surfing. Not expecting much, McGregor gave his goats their first surfing lessons. Surprising everyone, the goats took right to the water and it wasn’t long until videos of the surfing goats went viral.

McGregor has helped his goats put their fame to good use in their hometown of Pismo Beach and across the globe. By partnering with charitable organizations, McGregor has been able to provide goats to farmers in places of need such as Haiti and Mozambique.

Here on the Central Coast, the Surfing Goats make frequent appearances at local senior centers, school assemblies, and birthday parties. They will also show up for specialized weed abatement upon request.

Goatee, Pismo, and Grover are a true source of happiness and hope for kids and adults alike.

Learn from the man who taught the surfing goats

McGregor and his team of knowledgeable and friendly instructors provide SUP/surfing lessons and tours to athletes of all ages and abilities here on the Central Coast. Learn the basics of paddling, maneuvering the board, catching a wave, SUP stance, and SUP etiquette.

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Pismo Preserve to be Open to the Public in One Year


On Tuesday, September 16th, The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County closed escrow on the Pismo Beach property that will be home to the much awaited Pismo Preserve. An unprecedented $12.3 million was donated to the project in just over six months. The funds were used to purchase the 900 acres of land and will provide the wherewithal to make preliminary site improvements.

$8 million of funding was provided by State Coastal Conservancy and the Wildlife Conservation Board.

$3 million was from local and regional government agencies.

$1.3 million was donated by the community. The SeaCrest appreciates your donations and support in our successful effort to bring this project to fruition.

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