“Small Town-Big Race” – Running the San Luis Obispo Marathon

marathon-runnerGear up, runners! The San Luis Obispo Marathon and Half Marathon will be taking place April 25th-27th and is an event not to be missed by runners or spectators alike. The event was established in 2010 and offers one of the most beautiful race courses in the United States. The course itself tours the classic downtown San Luis Obispo and its historic neighborhoods then venture out into Edna Valley where you will take in views of the magnificent Morros, gorgeous farmland and pristine vineyards. Complete your race with a heart-pounding finale at the renowned Madonna Inn.

If the views are not enough, expect race day weather representative of a perfect California Central Coast spring. The morning is likely to begin in the low 50s and then anticipate the sunshine as temperatures rise into the mid-to-high 60s, perhaps even 70s.

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March Madness Reaches Pismo Beach’s Local Team Favorite: The Cal Poly Mustangs

Cal Poly Basketball

On Wednesday night, the Cal Poly Mustang Men’s Basketball Team made history, as they not only appeared in their first NCAA Division I Tournament game, but won the game for their first Division I postseason victory. The Mustangs outscored fellow 16th seed Texas Southern, 81-69 in the first matchup between the two programs, clinching an advancement to take on the undefeated Midwest Regional No. 1 seed, Wichita State. The game will be played at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, MO at 4:10 pm PT on Friday, March 21st.

Cal Poly (14-19) qualified for its first NCAA Division I Tournament by winning three Big West Conference Tournament games against UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine, and Cal State Northridge over a three day period. The Mustangs have become the first Big West Conference team to win an NCAA Tournament game since 2005, when the 8th seed Pacific beat Pitt during the first round.

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The History of Pismo Beach Unveiled

Images of America: Pismo BeachImages of America: Pismo Beach, Effie McDermott’s newest book, is the latest in a series of small-town books published by Arcadia Publishing. The fascinating history of Pismo Beach encompasses the importance of certain retired preachers, a king of bootleggers and earned its name, “Pismo Beach.”

McDermott explains that the name originated from a Chumash Indian village located near tar springs in Price Canyon known as “Pismu” meaning “tar,” which was a valuable substance the Chumash used to seal their baskets and canoes. Several variations of the name were encountered before remaining stable as Pismo Beach. These other names included Pismo Surf Landing, El Pizmo and Pizmo Beach.

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Raving About SLO Wine Country

central coast wine tastingIn January, Bill St. John of the Chicago Tribune paid tribute to San Luis Obispo’s Wine Country with rave reviews. The wineries honored are located just minutes away from Pismo Beach in Edna Valley and Arroyo Grande Valley, known for their temperate weather of warm, sunny days and cool, crisp nights paired with sundry soil conditions for the most unique of grape growing conditions.

John paid special attention to the “on-trend winemakers” and emphasized that “if you’re going to fully experience California wine, it helps to travel away from the familiar in order to taste wines that…are ‘sequestered from the company’ of the already known. That would mean getting out of Napa or Sonoma and turning the corkscrew into a bottle or two of wine from places such as San Luis Obispo.”

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Shell Café: A Great Breakfast Spot

Shell_Cafe_LogoBreakfast morning, noon and night? Absolutely! Delight in breakfast all day long at Shell Café in Pismo Beach. This charming establishment has an extensive breakfast menu complete with various benedicts including Bacon & Avocado, BBQ Tri Tip Chipotle and Lobster. Delight in their selection of nine specialty scrambles and omelets made only from the freshest ingredients. Opt for a “Fresh MexStyle” breakfast or choose from their selection of waffles, pancakes, French toast and crepes. There really is a breakfast for everyone at this family-friendly restaurant complete with Pismo’s classic beach town ambiance.

Although Shell Café is known for its served-all-day hearty breakfast, they also have a lively lunch and dinner menu complete with nachos, shrimp cocktails, steamed clams, seafood salads, build-it-your-way hamburgers, tri tip steaks, shrimp scampi Luciano, lobster tails and much more. Plus they are known for their impeccable service, from a warm and friendly team of staff members.

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Experience the Action with the SLO International Film Festival

Fremont theater

Photo: Visit San Luis Obispo County

It is that time of year again to enjoy film, wine and fun! Taking place March 5th – 9th, 2014, the SLO International Film Festival is “where movies matter” and they are celebrated each year with special screenings and tributes. The SLOIFF was founded in 1993 by San Luis Obispo attorney, Mary A. Harris as a celebration of classic films. The Festival has grown from screening 32 films over a week to screening over one hundred films in five days. Harris also added the George Sidney Independent Film Competition that promotes up-and-coming talent and seminars that attract filmmaking professionals from all over the country.

The SLO International Film Festival was announced as “…one of the best film events in the country” according to MovieMaker Magazine, Summer 2013.

This Year’s Events

This year five sensational special events are scheduled:

Opening Night Event – STARRING ADAM WEST – Wednesday, March 5th at 7:00pm – Adam West will be receiving the 2014 Spotlight Award as well as sharing a new documentary encompassing his life and career.

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Best Ice Cream on the Central Coast: Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab

Ice Cream

The famous Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab opened its third location on January 24th in San Luis Obispo at 860 Higuera Street. This San Luis Obispo location takes on a science meets fantasy feel. The whole family will delight in the fun-loving atmosphere where guests get to experience the lab in action as the new flavor creation process gets revealed before your eyes.

Stop on by one of Doc Burnstein’s three locations for a memorable outing that will capture your imagination and win over your heart and your taste buds.

Participate in a live performance

Visit Doc Burnstein’s original “Flagship” location in the Village of Arroyo Grande for live performances every Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday afternoons from 3:30 to 4:15 the party room turns into a reading lab for a young children’s story time. Children will enjoy an afternoon of “Fiction, Fun and Fantasy” through the reading of popular children’s literature.

Every Wednesday night at 7:00 pm stop on by to participate in the invention of a brand new flavor and then watch it get made. February 12th marked the creation of a new favorite with “Cookie Cray Cray” comprised of English Toffee Ice Cream with Chocolate Covered Almonds and Cookie Dust.

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The Secrets of Pismo Beach

secret gardenAnyone who has visited Pismo Beach has been enchanted by the beauty of this Central Coast beach town. Besides fun-filled trips to the white sandy beach and romantic walks on the Pismo Pier, there are some hidden gems in Pismo Beach and San Luis Obispo County that are just waiting to be explored. Welcome to the secrets of Pismo Beach.

Secret #1: Avila Valley Barn

The Avila Valley Barn is a true family outing. From fresh cut flowers to feeding farm animals and taking a hay ride, everyone will be entertained.

The country bakery and farmhouse deli offer freshly made artisan pies, muffins, sweet-breads, roasted corn on the cob, specialty sandwiches and homemade ice cream. Sit down for a picnic or take a pie home. Either way you will love indulging in the sweet and delectable sensations the Avila Valley Barn offers.

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One of Pismo Beach’s Latest Attractions: The Shell Beach Brewhouse

shell beach brewhouse

Photo Credit:

The Shell Beach Brewhouse is one of Shell Beach’s latest attractions and is filled with excitement, joy, good food and great beer. Set at the heart of Shell Beach, just five minutes from the Pismo pier in a prominent landmark and historic building, the Brewhouse is located at 1527 Shell Beach Road. They are proud to be protecting the building’s cherished history while creating an environment that complements the sophistication of the community.

What makes the Shell Beach Brewhouse special?

They value “family” and consider it the core of their existence. Their family includes not only the Brewhouse founders and staff, but the “family that is Shell Beach, California.” They thrive on the community’s support and strive to give back all the love that they receive. They also warmly embrace the traveling tourists showing them cordial consideration and delighting them with the best of what Pismo Beach has to offer.

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Year Round Farmers’ Markets Made Possible in Pismo Beach

farmers' market produceWho does not love fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and flowers? Here in Pismo Beach and the surrounding communities we are quite spoiled with our abundance of farmers’ markets, most of which are held year round thanks to the amazing weather and abundance of fresh seasonal produce always available.

According to the San Luis Obispo County Farmers’ Market Association, here are the top ten reasons why shopping at a Farmers’ Market is better than buying anywhere else:

  1. A Healthy Lifestyle is created and sustained through “just-picked, vine-ripened and best-tasting produce.”
  2. A Friendly Community of fishermen, farmers, bakers and families comes together on a weekly basis.
  3. You can taste the Freshness brought to you through produce picked the same day it goes to market.
  4. The Flavor is unbeatable because the produce is not picked until it is ripe. Produce ripened on the tree or vine adds significant flavor.
  5. Numerous Varieties of every product are available. From over 70 apple varieties to Tuscan and Russian kale and lemon and Tai basil, you can enrich your life with flavor the healthy way.

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