The Secrets of Pismo Beach

secret gardenAnyone who has visited Pismo Beach has been enchanted by the beauty of this Central Coast beach town. Besides fun-filled trips to the white sandy beach and romantic walks on the Pismo Pier, there are some hidden gems in Pismo Beach and San Luis Obispo County that are just waiting to be explored. Welcome to the secrets of Pismo Beach.

Secret #1: Avila Valley Barn

The Avila Valley Barn is a true family outing. From fresh cut flowers to feeding farm animals and taking a hay ride, everyone will be entertained.

The country bakery and farmhouse deli offer freshly made artisan pies, muffins, sweet-breads, roasted corn on the cob, specialty sandwiches and homemade ice cream. Sit down for a picnic or take a pie home. Either way you will love indulging in the sweet and delectable sensations the Avila Valley Barn offers.

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One of Pismo Beach’s Latest Attractions: The Shell Beach Brewhouse

shell beach brewhouse

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The Shell Beach Brewhouse is one of Shell Beach’s latest attractions and is filled with excitement, joy, good food and great beer. Set at the heart of Shell Beach, just five minutes from the Pismo pier in a prominent landmark and historic building, the Brewhouse is located at 1527 Shell Beach Road. They are proud to be protecting the building’s cherished history while creating an environment that complements the sophistication of the community.

What makes the Shell Beach Brewhouse special?

They value “family” and consider it the core of their existence. Their family includes not only the Brewhouse founders and staff, but the “family that is Shell Beach, California.” They thrive on the community’s support and strive to give back all the love that they receive. They also warmly embrace the traveling tourists showing them cordial consideration and delighting them with the best of what Pismo Beach has to offer.

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Year Round Farmers’ Markets Made Possible in Pismo Beach

farmers' market produceWho does not love fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and flowers? Here in Pismo Beach and the surrounding communities we are quite spoiled with our abundance of farmers’ markets, most of which are held year round thanks to the amazing weather and abundance of fresh seasonal produce always available.

According to the San Luis Obispo County Farmers’ Market Association, here are the top ten reasons why shopping at a Farmers’ Market is better than buying anywhere else:

  1. A Healthy Lifestyle is created and sustained through “just-picked, vine-ripened and best-tasting produce.”
  2. A Friendly Community of fishermen, farmers, bakers and families comes together on a weekly basis.
  3. You can taste the Freshness brought to you through produce picked the same day it goes to market.
  4. The Flavor is unbeatable because the produce is not picked until it is ripe. Produce ripened on the tree or vine adds significant flavor.
  5. Numerous Varieties of every product are available. From over 70 apple varieties to Tuscan and Russian kale and lemon and Tai basil, you can enrich your life with flavor the healthy way.

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Pismo Beach, for the Whole Family

Pismo Family VacationIf you have ever visited Pismo Beach you know the numerous sights of the area are simply spectacular. Locals, John and Diane Tuzee, also know how miraculous and fun-loving this area is for adults and children alike and gloriously highlighted many of the great treasures of Pismo Beach in their latest children’s book.

John and Diane run Kids Life Press, a publishing company located in Shell Beach. John is an award-winning advertising writer, former newspaperman and writer/producer for network television entertainment specials and Diane is a retired elementary school teacher. Luke and Linda Discover Pismo Beach and California’s Central Coast is the couple’s fifth children’s book. The book is quickly becoming a family favorite as it explains all the great adventures your family can take together in Pismo Beach and along the Central Coast, whether you live locally or are visiting on vacation.

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Visit San Luis Obispo, the Third Best College Town in the United States

san luis obispoAccording to Travel and Leisure, San Luis Obispo is the third best college town in the United States. Our SLO-town has already appeared on several “best town” lists, including one of the happiest places in the world, but this time we knocked it out of the park as the only West Coast town to make the 20 best college towns list.

744 towns were nominated for this honor, but San Luis Obispo gained distinction due to its array of wineries and coffee shops, free summer concerts, numerous outdoor activities, and the annual International Film Festival held each spring.

Coffee Shops and Cafés

Travel and Leisure readers gave SLO the top score for “coffee.” That’s right. Coffee. There are nearly 100 coffee shops stretching across San Luis Obispo County, but local SLO favorites include the Nautical Bean and Froggie’s Café, or head towards the beach for an unmatchable specialty drink from the Steaming Bean.

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A New Year’s to Remember in Pismo Beach

2014 New YearThe last few days of 2013 are upon us and there is no better place to celebrate your launch into 2014 than in beautiful, sunny Pismo Beach. Not only is the weather fabulous, but there is a celebration for everyone. Check out these amazing New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day festivities taking place nearby Pismo Beach this year.

SLO Symphony New Year’s Eve Concert

Join the San Luis Obispo Symphony for a very special New Year’s Eve event at the Christopher Cohan Performing Arts Center. There will be a pre-concert reception starting at 6:30pm where you can enjoy a glass of champagne and delicious appetizers.

The concert will start at 7:30pm where you will be delighted by Gershwin’s masterpiece, “Rhapsody in Blue” as well as gypsy tunes and the music of Hammerstein and Ellington. The music will be accompanied by stunning aerial acrobats performing daring moves that are sure to enchant you. The evening will conclude with a special countdown at 9:00pm giving you enough time to continue your celebration before the clock strikes twelve.

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The Miraculous Winter Sea Life of Pismo Beach

The winter months bring a variety of chances to engage with Pismo Beach sea life. From sea otters and seals to tide pool inhabitants, elephant seals and migrating whales, locals and tourists alike love to indulge in the nature of Pismo Beach and its surrounding areas.

whale watching

The Gray Whale Migration

The protected gray whales will be seen migrating through the Pismo Beach waters for the next few months. Thousands of gray whales make the journey from the Alaskan waters to the Mexican coast and back each year. As the gray whale population has steadily grown, whale sightings have dramatically increased as well, making your chances of spotting these amazing creatures during your stay in Pismo Beach very likely. Sight them from the Pismo Beach Pier or brave a whale watching expedition for an up close and personal experience.

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Shopping and Gift Giving in Pismo Beach

holiday shoppingThe season of gift giving is in full swing. Perhaps you jumped into the middle of the Black Friday madness or have been avoiding the crowds altogether, but either way everyone seems to have some last minute shopping to attend to.

There is no better place to enjoy your days of holiday shopping than in Pismo Beach and its surrounding communities. You will be able to fulfill all of your last minute gift giving needs due to over 100 gift shops and retail stores located within a ten mile radius of Pismo Beach.

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Sand over Snow, It’s the Holiday Season in Pismo Beach

Chistmas tree lightsDecember in Pismo Beach is beyond joyful and merry. The beach community and its surrounding areas bring good cheer to all with an assortment of live music and entertainment, good food and beverages, along with an array of shopping and gift giving experiences from local vendors.

Spark up your holiday spirit with these cherished seasonal events:

Surfin’ Santa Holiday Stroll

The Shell Beach Improvement Group is dedicated to preserving and improving the “unique village atmosphere of Shell Beach for the enjoyment of its residents, businesses and visitors.” This year, the group is proud to present the Sixth Annual Surfin’ Santa Holiday Stroll with festivities taking place on Shell Beach Road between Vista Del Mar and Cliff Avenue. Join jolly musicians and singers for some live music and then visit the numerous local vendors for a range of delicious beverages and food plus arts and crafts to fulfill your holiday shopping needs.

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Motorcyclists, Pismo Beach is Calling You

motorcyclist in pismo beachSan Luis Obispo County stretches 80 miles along the Pacific coast offering pleasant weather and diverse scenery that are among the best anywhere 365 days a year. With over 4,000 acres of sandy dunes, world class vineyards, gourmet restaurants, natural hot springs and scenic trails, it’s no surprise that San Luis Obispo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in California.

Additionally, the historic city of San Luis Obispo, and the surrounding beach towns, reside in the middle of one of the most loved and epic motorcycle routes of all time, Highway 1. A designated All-American Road, Highway 1 takes riders along California’s amazing coastline. So, it’s no wonder San Luis Obispo is now wildly attracting this very specific tourist, the motorcycle rider.

Highway 1 brings riders to Pismo Beach and then opens access to the boundless exploration of the coveted, rolling hills of Edna Valley’s wine country, breathtaking views of the Santa Lucia Mountains and the beach town attractions of Avila and Pismo.

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