Celebrate Fall with Pismo Beach Events

RaceAs fall approaches we are reminded of the beauty and splendor that is our coastal community in Pismo Beach. During this time of year, we enjoy taking the time to celebrate our land and surrounding natural beauty that gives us so much joy. We honor fall harvests and enjoy the delectable food and wine those harvests produce. We head outdoors to enjoy the fall weather on the Central Coast with surfing and running events. And we simply adore getting together with friends, family, neighbors and visitors over shared passions, which often include the sand, surf and sun.

Here are a few of the events you will find in Pismo Beach and its surrounding communities this fall:

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The Edna-Price Canyon Trail in Pismo Beach

hikingThe Edna-Price Canyon Trail will connect Pismo Beach to San Luis Obispo, two beautiful Central Coast towns along the Juan Bautista de Anza Trail corridor. If you are unfamiliar with the trail, it is 1,200 miles extending from Nogales, Arizona to San Francisco, California. Its history lies with Lt. Colonel Juan Bautista de Anza, leading more than 240 individuals (men, women and children) on a journey from New Spain to establish a settlement in San Francisco, 1774 to 1776.

Today, you can experience the legacy that connects culture, history and outdoor recreation from Arizona to California.

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The Top 10 Sunsets in Pismo Beach Captured by Prism Live Cam

prism camThe Central Coast of California is known for some of the most breathtaking sunsets. Perfection takes many forms with unique displays of color and distinctive silhouettes. You won’t find one sunset the same as the next. What makes a Pismo Beach sunset unparalleled is its all-inclusive nature encompassing the Pacific Ocean, white sand beach, towering palm trees and rolling hills. Don’t believe us? Keep reading for a look at our top 10 sunsets captured by our own SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel Prism Live Camera.

About the Prism Live Camera

Prism was launched in 2012 by Brandon von Guenthner and Christian Spencer with a mission “to share the beauty of earth, in real-time.” Their product, Violet, is the world’s most advanced live image marketing solution for travel and tourism, encouraging people to share their place and inspire travel. Its ability to continuously shoot professional quality photographs makes it so you don’t miss a single breathtaking moment, providing you with the ability to share relevant and soulful imagery.

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A Stairway to Nowhere in Pismo Beach

Photo Credit: Renée M. Besta

Known as a “vintage gem” in northern Pismo Beach, the Stairway to Nowhere is a beautiful, intriguing and masterful sight to see. Renée Besta, a local fine art photographer and owner of Ren Mar Photography, captures the splendor of the stairway masterfully. Renée’s passion for photographing decaying structures, along with a helpful customer who tipped her off to the location, led Renée to the Stairway to Nowhere. One fortunate evening she was able to photograph the antiquated stairwell against a magnificent sunset backdrop. Check out her updated (Pismo Beach Stairway to Nowhere – April 2015 Update) and original blog (Pismo Beach Stairway to Nowhere) posts on the subject.

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Pismo Beach’s “Tastes of the Valleys” Named Top 20 Wine Bar

central coast wine tastingPismo Beach is tantamount to great wine. The small beach town is surrounded by some of the best California wine-growing regions including Santa Ynez Valley, Santa Maria Valley, Arroyo Grande Valley, Edna Valley and Paso Robles. Experiencing local wine is as easy as strolling the streets of downtown Pismo Beach, pairing premier tasting with mild weather and a laid-back beach environment.

A recent article in The Tribune by Sandra Duerr highlights one of downtown Pismo Beach’s finest wine establishments, Tastes of the Valleys. This local wine bar features hundreds of Central Coast wines and nearly 1,000 total wines from around the world. Wine Enthusiast recently named it one of the top 20 wine bars in America. It was one of three California wine bars to make the list and one of two small-town wine bars named from the entire U.S.

“This well-stocked tasting room and wine shop sits just a few blocks from the beach and pours hundreds (seriously) of Central Coast wines by the glass. The vast selection and wine-smart staff are why the bar is a favorite among local winemakers and industry insiders.” – Wine Enthusiast

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Business Meetings – Pismo Beach Style

pismo beach meetings eventsWhat important factors do you consider when selecting locations for your organization’s off-site business meetings? A productive environment? Audio and visual capabilities? A change from the typical work structure to boost creativity and renew energy? A rejuvenating setting for post-meeting relaxation?

Business meeting essentials are taken care of in Pismo Beach. From conferences and work retreats to company gatherings and board meetings, Pismo Beach provides a casual meets professional environment ideal for making the most of your time away from the office.

Let’s look at some reasons to consider Pismo Beach and the beautiful Pacific Ocean as a backdrop for your next off-site meeting:

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Pismo Beach on

VisitCalifornia.compismo beach restaurants recently featured Pismo Beach as the perfect beach town getaway. In the article, Allie Neal, a frequent visitor to Pismo Beach, captured some of her adventures and favorite hangouts. Since her passions include discovering “new activities and delicious local food favorites” it is not hard to see why Pismo Beach is one of her favorite places to visit.

Let’s explore Pismo Beach through Allie’s eyes:

A taste of a Pismo Beach bakery

Allie believes in starting off her Pismo Beach adventures with a “gooey and delicious cinnamon roll from Old West Cinnamon Rolls.” Experiencing this delightful bakery awakens your senses, makes you feel at home, and fuels you for your day ahead.

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Take Your Vacation Time

sunsetIt appears there is a price on unused vacation time in the United States. A article reveals that “Americans are throwing away $52.4 billion every year because they won’t take time off from work.” That is not a number to sneer at.

The article goes on to highlight a recent study on vacation time conducted by Oxford Economics, an economic analysis firm. Let’s explore what they found out about our collective reluctance to go on vacation:

  • Results in our own personal burnout and reduced productivity at work
  • Affects a company’s financial results because it has to accumulate employee vacation time as a liability. The study shows that U.S. businesses have $224 billion in liabilities based on employee vacation time, not including sick or personal leave
  • The resulting liability also means many companies must be prepared to “pay out vacations if employees retire or leave”
  • While “most unused vacation days are carried over for future time off or payout when an employee leaves,” use it or lose it policies and expiration dates on accumulated vacation days have resulted in employees forfeiting approximately $52.4 billion in earned benefits each year

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Humpback Whales Get Up Close and Personal on the Central Coast

whale watching
People are buzzing about the waters off the Central Coast of California. Since June 5th, large beautiful humpback whales have been gracing our presence as they feed in Pismo Beach’s neighboring waters in Avila Beach, a short ten-minute drive north of Pismo Beach Pier. Many observers describe these last two weeks as “the best whale watching we have ever had here in Avila.”

The humpbacks selected our beach towns as their first summer hangouts of 2015. This Central California humpback population migrates from Mexico each summer and fall to feed in our cold, productive waters. This specific humpback population is one of three in the North Pacific.

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Beach Evening Primrose

sand dunesIt is that time of year to search for the four bright yellow petals that define the beach evening primrose, a floral native to the coasts of Oregon and California. This perennial flower’s preference to coastal sand dunes makes Pismo Beach a prime location to discover these beautiful displays of nature. You will find they form dense mats along the beach and in the sand dunes that can extend more than one meter across. Fortunately, it is not hard to find these delightful flowers as they continuously bloom from April to August.

Beach Evening Primrose Fun Facts:

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