It’s Harvest Time in Pismo Beach

FallThis is sunny California, and the Central Coast knows how to do autumn right. Fall events in and around Pismo Beach highlight the season in delicious ways so visitors will feel at home, nurtured, and completely satiated by their visits to San Luis Obispo County.

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Boogie on Over to the SeaCrest for Fun Pismo Beach Events

beach partyWhile we certainly don’t have the monopoly on fun in Pismo Beach, the SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel’s location makes it easy for our guests to take advantage of a multitude of area events and attractions during their stay. Here are some of our top picks for October entertainment in Pismo Beach.

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Savor a Warm September in Pismo Beach

seacrest pismo beach hotel viewIt might be September, but the summer vibe isn’t completely over. This month of the year brings some of the finest weather to the Central Coast, so get busy with these festive outdoor activities on your vacation in Pismo Beach.

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Support a Cause This September in Pismo Beach

Some Pismo Beach visitors make their way here specifically to support a cause. September is chock-full of worthwhile events benefiting various groups, so whether you’re local, just visiting, or making an annual stop on the Central Coast, consider registering to take part in the following happenings and contribute mightily to the Pismo Beach community.

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Pismo Beach Fuels Fitness Buffs in September

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding in Pismo Beach

Beaches may bring to mind lazy days and lounging, but Pismo Beach is a treasure trove of activity for the able-bodied who have energy to spare.

Choose Your Fitness Speed on the Central Coast

There are fitness classes in Pismo Beach to suit everyone’s speed, interests, and abilities. Just spending a few days in Pismo? Drop in for a fun diversion. Expecting a longer stay on the Central Coast? Sign up for ongoing camps or courses.

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Plan a Thrill-Packed Adventure to Pismo Beach

You can certainly come to Pismo Beach to kick back and relax, but this town draws its fair share of thrill-seekers too… for good reason. Whether you’re ready to go from zero to sixty, or looking for a milder form of activity, there are plenty of adventure-friendly options in Pismo to answer your call.

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Plan a Last-Minute Family Vacation to Pismo Beach

pismo family vacationSummer isn’t over yet! There’s still time to squeeze in a quick vacay before the kids head back to school, and there’s no better place to do your playing than in Pismo Beach.

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Hot August Nights in Pismo Beach

sunsetAs soon as August hits and those back-to-school ads start populating TVs and newspapers, it feels like summer is already wrapping up, whether you have kids or not. Don’t be fooled by the mainstream media! You and your special someone don’t have to throw in the beach towels yet. There are still plenty of warm nights ahead to accompany a much-deserved romantic getaway to Pismo Beach.

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A Perfect Pismo Beach Weekend Itinerary

Pismo Beach Susnet

Planning to visit Pismo Beach in the coming months? There’s so much to do on the Central Coast, it always helps to have a hand in planning your itinerary. We’ve pulled together some of the most popular activities and recommended some of the must-see and little-known hot spots so you can take advantage of the best Pismo Beach has to offer.

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Take an Eco-Vacay in Pismo Beach

SeaCrest surfVacation certainly means having permission to indulge, but those luxuries don’t have to come at the sacrifice of the environment. When you visit Pismo Beach on the beautiful Central Coast, you can help keep it pristine along the way with these eco-friendly eco-vacay ideas.

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